Cobots are industrial robots that can work side by side and collaboratively with humans.

They are becoming more widespread each year, both as a share in the robot market that is produced and sold, and as an application area. Thanks to its cobot expertise, which is its main field of activity, our company offers you high value-added and economical solutions in all kinds of applications.

Thanks to ABB’s wide variety of highly programmable cobots, we enable you, our customers, to deploy your own applications. Without the need for qualified personnel.

ABB cobots are grouped in 3 different features according to the level of cooperation and make a difference with these features.

Full Cooperation


Full Collaboration or Intermittent Space Sharing


Intermittent Space Sharing



Double Arm Yumi

Single Arm Yumi

  • It works safely side by side and together with the operator.
  • Servo motor fingers have a very sensitive grip.
  • You can perform many functions by adding an integrated camera and vacuum group to their hands.
  • Each arm is 7-axis and provides high flexibility.
  • It is quite agile with 1500mm/sec movement speed.
  • Commissioning the single lever YUMI is quite simple thanks to easy (block dragging) programming.


  • According to the operation, it can work without a fence in the common area with the operator.
  • Suitable for fully collaborative work with torque sensors on all 6 axes and award-winning design
  • At 2.2m/s, it is the fastest cobot in its class.
  • Commissioning is very simple thanks to easy (block dragging) programming
  • It is unique with its 5, 10 and 12kg carrying capacity and its reach up to 1.62m.
  • It provides ease of programming by moving the cobot with one hand with its super sensitivity with the buttons and leds on it.
  • It provides 20% energy saving with its new generation controller.


  • Available in 4kg, 7kg, 10kg and 11kg variants
  • By going up to industrial robot speeds, you can enjoy high precision and high performance without the need for fences.
  • Commissioning is very simple thanks to easy (block dragging) programming
  • It provides ease of programming by moving the cobot with one hand thanks to its lead through tool.
  • The field scanner and Safemove features are integrated from the factory.

Wizard - Easy Programming

  • Program your cobot quickly and easily without writing code by dragging and dropping graphical blocks.
  • If you wish, create your special blocks for your operation.
  • Enjoy the interface that appeals to everyone, from the operator to the expert programmer.


  • Cobots are collaborative robots suitable for use in full cooperation with the operator without using a fence. However, application-oriented risk analyzes are required.
  • Thanks to our certified and expert staff, the required occupational safety levels (PL c/d/e and cat 2/3/4) are analyzed and evaluated based on international standards (ISO) and directives.

Cobot Ecosystem

We offer system products that you may need with your cobot:

  • Grippers
  • Desks
  • Quick tool changers
  • Cameras 2d & 3d
  • Screw tighteners
  • Robot riser pedestals

Pre-test and trial service in your field

  • We offer you the opportunity to make free tests and trials with the cobot in your field.
  • Call and experience how easily the system is set up and how it works specifically for your operation in your field.

How Does? Contact us and let's explain the details...

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