Artificial Intelligence and Robots

The advancements in the field of artificial intelligence are increasingly incorporating such products into our lives every day. Especially with OpenAI’s chatGPT initiative, many of us can say that artificial intelligence has left behind a new milestone. When it comes to artificial intelligence, robots, which are often the first things that come to mind, also lead the way and can make us uneasy.
If we load artificial intelligence onto robots and then lose control, can they cause significant harm to humanity? We are already facing many uncontrollable incidents. The attempt of artificial intelligence chat bots to converse in a language we do not understand resulted in them being unplugged. In South Korea, a robot mistakenly thought a 40-year-old employee was a box and collided with the conveyor belt. In Russia, a robot playing chess reacted to a child’s move, causing the child’s finger to be broken. Such accidents indicate that artificial intelligence is still being attempted to be controlled with small-scale local investigations and is not effective.
Certainly, benefiting from the leverage effect of artificial intelligence in technological developments will undoubtedly propel humanity much further. However, in order not to lose control, authorities need to take measures such as global standards and ethical rules to ensure the safe development of artificial intelligence. In this context, we are following all developments and conducting our work by providing contributions that we can offer.

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