Our company is a technology company that started its activities in 2023.

Our company, which was established on the basis of creating a corporate identity, works to keep the satisfaction of the employees as well as the customers at the highest level.

Our company is an organization that knows how important employee loyalty is for the future of an enterprise and adopts loyalty. As a profitable, developing and growing company, a positive base environment that constantly creates new opportunities for its employees will be created.

The main factors regarding employee satisfaction and employee selection in our company are determined as follows:

  • Providing continuous training to employees, giving importance to their personal development.
  • Merit. High performers are promoted and rewarded.
  • Allowing them to take responsibility and risk.
  • Every idea is important, all ideas independent of hierarchy are taken into consideration while making decisions.
  • We act with the awareness of the positive impact that differences (language, religion, race, gender, etc.) will bring to the company and employees. There is no room for discrimination.
  • Hiring is difficult, it makes candidates sweat, there is a tough interview process. Here, candidates who can adapt to the company’s culture and make positive contributions are prioritized.
  • Providing a pleasant work environment, interesting work
  • Creating a warm family atmosphere where achievements are rewarded and celebrated.

Current positions in our company:

  • Electronics hardware design and embedded program engineer
  • Robotics project engineer

If you are interested, you can send your CV and cover letter, if any, to our e-mail address.

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