Picking & PacKing

Solution to your Picking and Packing problems for your products

We are able to collect your products that you produce on your mass production lines in high quantities, and offer your packaging and then palletizing works on a turnkey basis.

Thanks to our expert staff, who can also commission ABB’s Pickmaster system, we are able to offer optimum solutions with cameras for your scattered and bulky products. In this field, we use picker (also called collector, spider, delta, parallel robot) and scara robots quite widely. We use a variety of forward and lateral spacing techniques to bring products distinguishable under the camera.

We detect your scattered products flowing from the conveyor with 2 or 3 dimensional (2d / 3d) cameras, collect them with high precision and transfer them to the flowing lines. Thanks to image processing and conveyor tracking, we maximize your production capacity and efficiency.

Among consumer products, the food and beverage (food) sector takes the lead. In the food group, transportation to many products such as chocolate, biscuits, cakes, nuts, chips, sugar, tea, coffee, dairy products, pastry products, meat products, eggs, horizontal and vertical stacking, grouping, packaging, boxing and palletizing ( We can offer fully automated systems in areas such as pallet stacking. In these product groups, we can work with doypack, flatbottom, polypropylene, polyethylene bowls, buckets and many kinds of protective containers. Again in the beverage group, we can provide services in the packaging and palletization of many products such as milk, fruit juices, water, carbonated drinks. In these product groups, we can work with containers such as tetrapack boxes, pet and glass bottles, glasses and jars.

Our company is able to work in clean rooms in contact with bare food products (food grade) by using hygienic class robot and environmental equipment. In these systems, IP69 / IP67 washable standard product selections are made. Upon request, our company also ensures that the products that are transported and packaged are inspected with metal detectors, checkweighers and the unsuitable ones are automatically separated.

If you wish, we can produce solutions with robotic box opening and packaging systems or standard industrial box opening machines.

We can offer you special solutions by designing automatic box feeding magazines and opening your pan or a-box type boxes with tape or hot glue closure systems.

We make your boxed products ready for palletizing with automatic box closing systems.

We offer you a complete turnkey solution by performing the end-of-line operations of the systems we pack. The main end-of-line processes we apply include palletizing, strapping, shrinking, stretching, separator insertion, labeling with printers, barcode insertion, laser marking. We also offer low conveyors, chain lateral transfer conveyors and pallet elevator systems suitable for picking up your palletized products with forklift or pallet truck.

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