Installation and Commissioning

We provide support and training to companies that have purchased their robots and/or peripheral equipment, to set up and commission their systems.

We provide services such as optimization, development, adding new recipes, adapting to new application areas in existing systems.

Design and Calculations

    • We carry out the design and engineering calculations, preliminary analysis and simulations of the following elements that are frequently used in robot systems.
      • Grippers
        • Mechanical grippers
          • Standard tool (finger)
          • Clamp (pneumatic)
          • Servo motor
          • With fork structure
          • Soft
        • Vacuum grippers (vacuum pads (with suction cups))
          • Standard tool (suction cup, electropneumatic and pneumatic)
          • With ejector
          • With generator
          • Vortex
          • With blower
          • In block
        • Toolchanger systems
          • Automatic
          • Manual
      • Carrier systems
        • Linear carriers
        • Turntables
        • Positioners
        • Conveyors (roller, modular, band, pvc, o-ring, trolley, fixture…)
      • Pedestals
        • Standard riser and base plates
        • Bridge type pedestals
        • Elevator pedestals
      • Job specific machines
      • Layout


    • We install your cells in accordance with international safety standards. We cover industrial robots, moving mechanisms and all kinds of dangerous areas, especially with fences, sheet metal and plexiglass plates. We take security measures with equipment such as security switches, light barriers, area scanners, security mats, etc. in the relevant hinged, sliding, telescopic, sliding entrance doors and transition areas.
    • We manufacture the machines we produce specially for you in accordance with machinery safety standards and equip their chassis with the necessary safety equipment.
      We apply the relevant warning images on structures that may pose a danger, and specify the personal protective equipment (PPE) that the operators may need.

Our automation systems

  • We do commissioning and programming of many 6 axis / 4 axis industrial robots such as ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Staubli. We can manage your simple operations through the robot controller and pendant without the need for a PLC.
  • We can activate your automation systems with PLC options suitable for your demand, especially Siemens. We deliver the software to you without a password. We produce highly readable content by using standard block codes during programming.
  • In particular, we put an end to cable complexity by using ethercat-based communication infrastructures, especially Profinet. We also meet special demands with Profibus, Modbus or parallel communication.
  • By means of remote connection modules, we can provide instant support when you need technical support.
  • We install our systems with sensors that are frequently used and standardized in the industry such as Sick, Leuze, Balluf.
  • We create our panels by separating the power and control groups and labeling the total power (kw, kva) values.
  • We provide control interfaces to the systems with industrial computer (pc) and/or HMI as needed. We install the screens on the main board or on external boards such as kiosks.
  • We perform our wiring in color scheme and layout in accordance with industry standards. We use custom cable ducts, spirals and dresspacks. We make multi-cable entries to our panels by means of connectors, making their transportation practical.
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